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  • The Design/Build method of managing projects puts the general contractor right at the center of the construction process.

  • As Design/Builders, we provide solutions and develop & design each project to fit your unique vision, to meet your needs and investment goals. 

  • We ensure everyone involved in  the project is on the same team from the beginning so we can effectively plan, organize, direct and execute all types of construction projects. 

  • We use our expertise of building coordination, excellent communication skills and thorough knowledge of construction methods & materials to successfully complete even the most complicated projects.


Partner with NCS LLC to complete your future projects:

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Home Remodeling

Finished Basements


Finished Carpentry

Tenant Improvements

  • The successful completion of all construction projects hinge upon clear communication, choosing & managing the right team, controlling the budget and having the problem solving skills to over come obstacles with out affecting the budget and avoiding delays.  Through constant & continuous communication, you are involved in every step of the decision making process

  • Our attention to details, listening & understanding expectations are the vital skills we provide to you and to the success of your projects.

  • As Design/Builders, we represent you, the owner & our client, in managing the construction team from conception, through the design phase and throughout the construction process until completion.   

Read about Our Process to understand the benefits of working with Nicastro Contracting Services LLC, Design/Build/Remodel.  Let us show you how we can help you achieve your dream remodel.

Residential Remodeling

Improvements from kitchen & bath remodels to finishing a basement to additions of rooms and/or decks increase the comfort, functionality and value to any home.  Whether it is your dream home or an investment property, Nicastro Contracting Services LLC has the knowledge and experience to fulfill your needs with professionalism, integrity and workmanship.  NCS LLC is a registered home improvement contractor in New Jersey, NJHIC # 13VH03272300. 



Commercial Tenant Improvements

We understand the needs of owners and property managers to expedite the turnover of leased spaces to tenants and also the need to minimize the disruptions to operations of existing tenants.  NCS has the knowledge required to complete such a task with over 15 years experience.  We coordinate with owner, property managers, architect/engineers & tenants with clear communication and understanding expectations to complete tenant & capital improvement projects

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