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According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of Estimate is "to provide a statement of the approximate cost of". Nicastro Contracting Services LLC can provide "estimates" but we do not.  We provide firm cost proposals which are based upon a client's vision, detailed scope of work and material/finish selections. 

Understanding that the cost of any remodeling project is not defined by the contractor but solely by the client, Nicastro Contracting Services LLC utilizes the Design/Build system. 

What is design/build?  Design/Build is a process and delivery system to which the owner/client works with a single contractor for whom is responsible for developing the design, preparing the costing, planning and building/remodeling of any project. We develop and design each project to fit your unique vision. Our Design/Build/Remodel service provides solutions to meet your needs and investment goals and adds value through our attention to details, professionalism, respect and workmanship.


Our Process:

  • The Initial Contact: Besides gathering your contact information, we will listen and ask questions to understand your needs, planning stage and how we may be of service. If feasible, we will schedule an in-home complimentary consultation that is convenient to all parties involved and we ask that everyone involved in the decision making be available.  You can expect this consultation to be at least 1 hour.

  • The Complimentary Consultation: We will review in more detail your project plans.  We will ask questions and listen to understand your needs, wants, like, dislikes and how you utilize the space.  Listening to your responses, comments and concerns to these and other questions such as what your time frame is for starting and completing your project will help us understand your vision. We also, at this time, will ask you to share your investment goals. At the conclusion, we will summarize your preliminary project ideas & investment goals and based on our knowledge, experience and completion of past similar projects we can advise on the feasibility of your budget range.  We will also determine if we are the right fit for your project.  If we are, we will prepare a Design/Build agreement and once this agreement is accepted & approved, we can progress to the next step, the Design.

  • The Design Process - Meeting #1:  We will schedule a time for us to come and take detailed measurements and photos of the space or spaces affected by the proposed work. We also ask for you to provide at this meeting any specifications for equipment or fixtures and images or sketches of design details you wish to incorporate.  This and the information gathered from the complimentary consultation will be utilized to develop the design concept, define the scope of work as well as review the feasibility of the budget range.

  • The Presentation - Meeting #2:  We will present for your review and comments drawings created to express the design concept and help visualize the design intent. These drawings will include floor plans, elevation views and/or 3D rendering views.  A preliminary budget will be provided  based on the design concept presented. Details and product specifications and/or allowances are confirmed and/or established.  We allow 8 hours for accompanied trips to our showroom partners for final selection of materials, fixtures and finishes. We schedule a site visit with our trades people giving you the opportunity to meet our team members who will be working on your home.  This step also allows our team to see the preliminary design concept, inspect the existing site & conditions and provide for a more accurate scope and cost proposal.  This completed step of the design process now gives us the needed details and defined scope to provide the firm cost proposal.

  • The Final Presentation - Meeting #3:  The final concept plans and scope of work are presented reflecting the owner's comments.  A detailed lump sum written firm proposal will be presented based on the project design and specifications established at meeting #2.  We will also present the Contract agreement to move into the next and final phase, the Build.

  • The Build/Remodel:  Upon acceptance of the Build contract, the plans for permits & construction will be authorized to be completed.  Permits will be applied, a detailed build schedule will be prepared and materials, finishes & fixtures will be ordered. Upon receipt of the permit we will schedule and hold a pre-construction meeting to review the schedule, the Build process, milestone dates, introduction to our point field personnel and establish the necessary steps and requirements to access the work area.  We start by protecting your home not directly affected by the work. We install plastic barriers to minimize dust, floor protection, set disposal containers and have the first stages of materials delivered to the site. Then the transformation begins with demolition, the re-construction, finishes, clean up and final inspections.

We are in the business of Service.  Our goal is to become your partner & trusted advisor, to build a relationship that will last well into the future. Remodeling can be a stressful endeavor but no worries, we will guide you through the step by step process from start to finish.  We explain what to expect and when to expect it. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns.  Remodeling is a partnership, we work with you and constant/clear communication is key to a successful partnership.  If you are serious about turning your vision into reality, Call Nicastro Contracting Services LLC now. Because we will design your project to meet your unique vision, needs and investment goal!

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